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Dice of Dragons (2022)
1-6 players • ages 9+ • 25-45 minutes


Dice of Dragons is a 1-6 player cooperative game, with players taking on the roles of valiant adventurers fighting a dragon that has captured gold from the Realm. Capture the gold from the dragon and win the favor of the Crown!


Players roll all the available dice on their turn and choose to take actions based on those rolls. Get 3 or more swords and you can attack the dragon. Gaining more swords allows you to power up and deliver specialized attacks!


Get 3 or more energy and you can get an energy token. Energy tokens are used to access more specialized powers, to help your team, and manage the dragon!

If you get banners, you must immediately pass them out to other players of your choice. Those players then roll those dice. Flames can be given to any player at the table, and are kept this way until the end of that player's turn. Swords can be kept and saved during that player's turn or returned to aid the active player's effort. Shields and flags are returned.


Strategic use of attacks and energy powers are needed to defeat the fearsome dragon.

If you get 3 or more flames your turn immediately ends and the dragon attacks!

The dragon's attack power increases at the end of each round, escalating in its ferocity!

Players *can* come back once knocked all isn't lost.


As with all "Dice of" games, players decide when to stop rolling. Do you push your luck...risking 3 or more flames, or use what you have?


Once all the dragon's gold is gone, the players win the day!


If all the players are knocked out, the dragon has won and the Kingdom will fall!


This game also integrates with Dice of Crowns and Dice of Pirates allowing for an expanded way to play!

Dice of Dragons by Thing 12 Games

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