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Have a Cow! (2011)
2-4 players • ages 12+ • 30 minutes


Have a Cow! is a fast, easy-to-learn game in which players are in a race to be the first farmer with four cows in their herd.


It's competitive and requires strategic card play to get the most out of each hand of cards. The turns include discarding and drawing, playing the cards in your hand and trying to manipulate the strange visitors that will come to your farm. Manipulating the visitors will be the key to getting a victory!


Your goal is to make hay bales that attract cows, to your barnyard. Hay trolls, UFOs and even rustlers night show up to slow you down. But other visitors, like astronauts, neanderthals and knights in armor will try to help. You never know who (or what) is going to show up!

EXPANSION PACKS with Halloween, Winter Wonderland and a variety of themes will keep the game fresh and interesting, too!


N20 Games donates a % of their sales of Have a Cow! to local animal sanctuaries in their are.

Have a Cow! By N20 Games

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