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Horror Trivia

2+ players • ages 13+


  • TWISTED TERROR: Challenge your friends on frightening facts with a trivia game that tests your knowledge on horror facts in every genre. Call a priest, gas up the chainsaw, and sharpen the machete…will you survive the night?
  • HORROR FANS: Think you know all there is to know about creepy dolls, psycho killers, haunted places and legendary monsters? Try to answer trivia questions with your knowledge of scary movies, books and tv shows to win.
  • QUICK PLAY TRIVIA GAME: Survive the night by answering multiple questions correctly to collect weapon cards. The first player or team to collect 3 different weapons cards wins. Each card has 2 ghoulish questions, play time: 20 mins.
  • GAME NIGHT GORE: A variety of questions covers classic and modern horror. Easy questions for the horror novice and more challenging questions for die hard fans make the game fun for the whole group!
  • THE GORY DETAILS: Horror Trivia is perfect for 2 or more players or teams and is an absolute "scream" at parties. Ideal for horror fans, adults and teens ages 13 years and older, game includes 150 cards with 300 questions and answers.

Horror Trivia By Goliath

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