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TIME 30mins+ | PLAYERS 3-8 | AGE 18+


Finally, a game that makes fun of all the cringiest, weirdest, most awful behavior soooo many of us have dealt with in online dating. It's simple and hilarious: a Judge reads aloud the dude's profile and then deals out 3 of his texts sliding into your DMs later and later at night getting angrier or more desperate or cringier.... and the other players "Clapback with their funniest response. Players can choose whether to share a creative defense of why their response is BEST or just read aloud their best reply in the sassiest voice possible!


It's an 18+ with a social mission, a cathartic game for anyone who's ever had to suffer through the worst kinds of comments on any dating app!

How to lose a guy in one DM by Flying Leap Games

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