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Sound Box

4-7 Players | 30-45 Time | 8+ Age


Sound Box is a cooperative game played in rounds. Your goal (as a team) is to reach the end of the Soundtrack. Each round, one player is blindfolded and becomes the Guesser, while the others are the Soundmakers. Each Soundmaker is randomly assigned a Sound card. When the timer starts, they all make the sound on their card at the same time! And when they stop, the Guesser has to… well, guess which cards match the sounds they were making. The more sounds you guess, the further along the Soundtrack you go. If you can reach the crown, you win!



  • 110 Sound cards
  • 20 Number tokens (1-20)
  • 1 Progress marker
  • 1 Heart marker
  • 1 Audio bag
  • 2 Double Sound markers
  • 1 Sand timer
  • Guesser and Recorder glasses
  • 1 Rulebook

Sound Box by Horrible Guild

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